IDTool v1.2

If, like me, you often use the ID to make variations in the textures, this script will be useful to you

This MacroScript  for 3DS MAX is used to manage objects ID interactively.
– It allows to see the IDs.
– To modify their IDs.
– To randomly modify their IDs.
– To select the objects by their IDs.
– To select the objects by their materials.
This without having to close the script during your work.

And especially, for CORONA users, this script allows you to update the VFB when you change the IDs, without having to restart the interactive rendering !!

You can find the script in “Archimi” category (Customize/Customize User Interface/Archimi)

[maxbutton id= »1″]

Wooden Trestle

Wooden trestle, adjustable in height. Model with map.

Available format: 3DS Max, FBX, OBJ

[maxbutton id= »2″]


Marker STABILO OHPen universal permanent.
Model for close up. To change the color of the cap, just change the Object ID. The orientation of the text changes randomly.

Available format: 3DS Max (Corona), OBJ

[maxbutton id= »3″ ]

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